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About Singularity Capital

We are a venture platform that partners with companies that are leveraging unique competitive advantages to solve problems better, faster, and more strategically than their competition.

Investment Philosophy


We serve as an extension of the leadership teams of the companies we invest in, giving them the benefit of our many years of experience. When challenges arise, we put our heads together to find a way over it, around it, or through it.


Watching the world change is what gets us out of bed each morning. We’re ears to the ground. We’re anticipating the change of the tides. We’re looking for opportunity.


We look for companies that are finding better, faster, smarter ways to solve problems. They are spending time today to solve the problems of tomorrow.


Successful businesses drive toward their goals at full speed with the full weight of all their resources behind them. And they can still turn on a dime.


Once the vision has taken shape and become fully formed, it must be brought to life. Without execution, vision is nothing.